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In-Kung Pond

In-Kung Pond

In-Kung Lake

The legend of In-Kyung Pond says that 「In, the wise and brave young boy who fought against the greedy dragon of Younghyunbeol about to ascend to heaven with two cinta-manis after a thousand years and Kyung, the clever little girl who maneuvered the dragon into reflecting himself on the lake, beat off the evil dragon after many hardships, and finally ascended to heaven in the form of two dragons with a cinta-mani in their mouths」.

Located right at the heart of the Inha campus, ‘In-Kyung Pond’ is one of the most popular on-campus markers where young intellects’ aspiration, passion, and wisdom flows through, and philosophy and recreation coexist.

When the school was founded, In-Kyung Pond was a highland with nderground water beneath, just swampy land which was part of the campus fields. Then, after the landscaping in 1960s, it was reborn as the heart of campus with its aquarium fish such as carps, and lotus and orchid inhabiting its waters.

The Pond was dubbed its current meaningful name ‘In-Kyung’ when, in 1967, the Inha Campus Newspaper began to publish a series with the title of 「Campus Yi-Myung (Alias)」 (published on Jan 25th 1967 / No. 101).

In-Kyung Pond, with the numerous stories and experiences of Inhanians flowing through it, was dredged and renewed in 1995, with a new fountain and drainage and purification facilities.

The Pond’s current dimensions are 105m in length, 35m in width, 70cm in depth, with a total area of 3,700m2. With forsythia, cherry blossom, and weeping willow planted all along the pond reflecting the seasons, it has long been a pleasant rest area for Inha people.

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