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Inha University


Inha University in Tashkent (IUT)

Inha University in Tashkent (IUT)

타슈켄트 인하대(IUT)
  • TEL : +998 71 289 99 99 +998 71 289 99 99 ext 0-102
  • FAX : +998 71 269 0058
  • Location : Tashkent, Uzbekistan
  • ※ IUT Project Group: Room 322A of the Building #6 at Inha University 

                                     Tel: 032)860-8925~7


  • With the support of the Uzbekistan Government, IUT was established, in the capital city of Tashkent, to provide specialized IT education programs.
  • IUT opened on October 2, 2014 after signing an agreement on the establishment and support of IUT between the Uzbekistan Government and Inha University.
  • Inha University directed the establishment of IUT which included the university structure, educational system, and campus construction. Currently, Inha University is solely responsible for IUT curricula development and implementation.

IUT Timeline

  • December 2013 : “Letter of Intent” signed for the comprehensive development of education
  • February 2014 : MOU signed for the establishment and operation of IUT
  • October 2014 : IUT opened in Tashkent, Uzbekistan
  • September 2016 : School of Logistics opened
  • June 2017 : Inha-IUT [3+1] Joint Program Start
  • August 2018 : The first graduation ceremony

Accomplishments and Goals

  • Korea’s first international collaboration in higher education at University level
  • Taking leadership in IT education and industry in central Asia via success of IUT business
  • Developing human resources for Korean companies operating in Central Asia
  • A new model of international collaboration in higher education
  • Expanding international collaboration in higher education into other Central Asian countries

Operation Status


  • School of Computer and Information Engineering (SOCIE)
    • Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSE)
    • Department of Information and Communication Engineering (ICE)
  • School of Logistics (SOL)
  • Graduate school planned to open afterwards

    Student Enrollment

    •  First-year students : 361, Second-year students : 412, Third-year students : 307, Fourth-year students : 249 (Total 1,329)

             [Date : 2018.09.01.]


    • 27 professors dispatched from Inha, 9 professors recruited by IUT (Total 36, Including First Vice-Rector)

            [Date : 2018.09.01.]

      University Administration

      • IUT Rector : Muzaffar Djalalov
      • IUT First Vice Rector :Woosug , Cho (Professor of Civil Eng., Inha University)

      Operation of IUT Curricula

      • Lecture content and methods are consistent with Inha University’s
      • Student evaluations are consistent with Inha University’s
      • The academic year consists of two semesters and starts in the fall
      • Lectures are delivered in English only
      • To achieve fairness, Inha University carries out whole process of entrance exams on behalf of IUT

        ※ To ensure the quality of education, First Vice Rector, dispatched by Inha University, will have exclusive authority
             over IUT’s educational operation. IUT’s engineering programs are certified by ABEEK(Accreditation Board of
             Engineering Education of Korea)
      Opening Ceremony, Oct. 2, 2014

      Opening Ceremony, Oct. 2, 2014

      Front view of IUT

      Front view of IUT

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