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Inha University


The Polymer Research Center


Polymeric substances are part of everyday life and most technology-based industries rely on them. Understanding processing, properties and performance are central to the correct application selection, and manipulation of polymers and the multiplicity of composites based on them. This requires a multi-disciplinary approach and resources to seek out optimum application solutions for new materials and processes and to successfully extend the use of existing systems. Polymers in society also present environmental challenges with regard to their use, disposal and their potential recycling. In this area science, engineering, environmental, economic and policy studies merge. The Polymer Research Center located in the Department of Polymer Science and Engineering of Inha University currently consists of about fifty graduate students and several postdoctoral research associates. The center's mission is to carry out interdisciplinary applied and basic research on polymeric materials of interest to various industries.

Main Activities

  • The center will serve as an intellectual center for the development of new materials concepts and new analytical techniques through the traditions of quality advanced graduate education.
  • The center will foster university-industry interactions in order to provide identifiable returns, including educated people and knowledge, to its sponsors as it develops into an internationally recognized center.
  • The center carries out research on many different levels: polymer blends and alloys, structural composites, processing of layered materials and structures, polymers for biomedical applications, environments bio & nano technology, soft nanomaterials, polymer nano-bio-rheology and functional polymer. Through these initiatives, the center serves the growing need for complex materials systems by developing new materials concepts and innovative analytical techniques for its industrial partners.
  • The Center has also identified educational requirements for scientists and engineers of the 21st century and incorporates these requirements into graduate-level curricula.

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