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Inha University


Research Institute for Mechanical Engineering

With the rapid developments of science and technology, mechanical engineering related technology has undergone more remarkable changes than ever. Unlike previous sporadic and small-scaled research, comprehensive and systematic research are required today. This institute is pursuing the maximization of the efficiency of limited research staff and facility, as well as development of active research and diversifying research subjects.

This institute will be focusing on following

  • Conducting various research subjects that have individual characteristics, this institute will solve difficulties in specific research project under mutual cooperation.
  • With close cooperation between research staffs, this institute will attract national research projects related to mechanical technology.
  • With the irregular information exchange and group seminar between members of this institute, we will derive core research themes for contemporary mechanical techniques.
  • This institute will inspect problems related to mechanical technology in the Incheon area, also encourage the Industry-University cooperation
  • To become a leading national research center, this institute will hold regular group meetings.

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