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Inha University


Nano Center for Fine Chemicals Fusion Technology

Purpose of the Center

  • Nano instrumental support to related industries, particularly in the field of fine chemicals.
  • Nano technology transfer from Inha and Seoul National University to industries on "nano material for Energy and Environment, nano devices for IT, and nano sensors for BT."
  • Nano fusion technology development referring to NT-E2T, NT-IT, and NT-BT.
  • International collaborative research and sharing nano equipment such as EXAFS, Solid-NMR, ESCA and FE-TEM, and establishment of a cooperative network via student exchanges.


  • Technical services for nano technology development within partner industries (20 companies)
  • Education of nano scientists and nano engineers in the field of nano chemistry.
  • International cooperation research with Heyrovsky Institute, Twente University, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Waseda University, CSCMR India, and Osaka Prefecture University.
  • Nano devices and system development based on Nano-materials such as nanoporous materials, nano-particles, nano fibers and nano-films.
  • Operated by the support of the MOCIE (Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Economy), Incheon City, Seoul City, INHA Univerity and Seoul National University.

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