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Inha University


Research Institute of Semiconductor and Thin Film Technology

The institute, dedicated to semiconductor and thin film materials research, was established at Inha University in December, 1995 to conduct basic research at the university. Utilizing its supply of trained and skilled engineers and scientists, it promotes cooperation between interested companies and the university. Thirty professors from 8 departments have joined the Institute and take part in 5 research areas - Semiconductor Device and Process, Thin Film and Materials, Solid State Physics, Optoelectronics and Information Display, VLSI and System Design, and SOC (System on a Chip). The Institute has a clean room furnished with 4 inch wafer process equipment and the necessary utilities for IC fabrication. Work Stations loaded with the necessary software have been installed for the simulation of devices and processes and the design and verification of VLSI circuits and systems.

Major Activities

  • Standard Fabrication Process for Semiconductor Integrated Circuits
    - Development and standardization of sub-micron CMOS processes
    - Fabrication of designed IC's
  • Support University Research of Unit Process and Thin Film Materials
    - Preparation of samples and test structures for device, process or materials research
  • Education Program of Semiconductor IC design and Fabrication Process
    - Training of Inha University students and engineers from industries utilizing both theory and experiments
  • Co-operation among Industry-University-Research Institutions
    - Initiation of joint projects with semiconductor or thin film related companies
  • Exchange Program of Technology and Ideas
    - Sponsoring of seminars and lectures on research activities and results and the status and trends of technologies of common interests


  • Clean Room : Class 100
  • Major equipment
    - Mask Aligner
    - Spin coater
    - ICP Etcher
    - Sputter
    - Wet Station
    - Furnace
    - Nano imprint lithography

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