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Inha University


Institute of Industrial Biotechnology


Although the 20th century was a period of material civilization, the 21st century has many problems such as exhaustion of resources, environmental pollution, food shortage, lack of energy originating from that material civilization. In addition, the world is confronted with solving other problems in the basic phenomena of life including aging, loss of memory, and heredity diseases. Mankind believes that biotechnology is the only technology which can solve those problems and the expectation is enormous. The Institute of Industrial Biotechnology at Inha University was established on January 25, 2000 to participate in the resolution of the above problems with engineering approaches. The institute currently conducts specialized research projects and has received a research grant from the Korea Research Foundation.

Main Activities

  • Research and development on various areas of industrial biotechnology
  • Cooperative research with companies and other research organizations
  • Conduct national research projects supported by the government
  • Present seminars, symposiums, and workshops on industrial biotechnology
  • Continuous education, advice and communication for and with industries
  • International collaboration
  • Other activities for achieving the objectives of the institute

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