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The Institute of Advanced Materials


The Institute of Advanced Materials was established to solve technical difficulties and lead technological development for the numerous component and material producing companies in the industries of electricity, electronics, machinery and automobiles located in Incheon, Bupyeong, Bucheon, and Ansan. It aims to secure the source technology, provide research opportunities and develop abilities, and train and foster manpower for the development of the material industry and for the companies located in the Incheon area, where many large industrial complexes exist in concentration. Long term, it will actively participate in the assistance of research projects for technological innovation, while in the short term it will actively seek the desperately needed technologies for the development of regional enterprises, provide technological guidance and exchange of technologies, conduct joint research and offer common usage of apparatus. The institute was established to perform a pivotal role for the fostering of the material industry in the fields of resources, machinery, electronics, electricity, chemical engineering, physics and chemistry to be able to support the basic R&D and usage of materials, mainly in the field of material, by comprehensively using the excellent faculty in the material-related departments at the university.

Main activities and projects

Fostering expert manpower for research

Since the Institute of Advanced Materials is mainly operated by the material-related faculty, the participating manpower of research will be provided with the opportunity of special education both in the undergraduate and graduate programs . Professionals working in the industry may use the education opportunity connected with the curriculum of the Graduate School of Industry and students in the graduate program can have practical education opportunities through the performance of individual research tasks. The Institute of Advanced Materials forms the basis for the active implementation of industry-university-institute projects by inducing the administrative and financial assistance of the university headquarters so that the members of the research institute may vigorously participate in the Techno-Park project of Incheon City, the project of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, and the project of the Small and Medium Business Administration. This also provides the participating researchers with the opportunity to develop and enhance their ability to solve practical problems.

Laboratory Venture Business Incubation

The feasibility of the research results in detailed tasks will be examined comprehensively to maximize the performance of the research conducted at the Institute of Advanced Materials. The possibility of practical application will be linked to the Unitef and also to the TBI project of Songdo Techno-Park, to encourage the laboratory venture business incubation with minimum input of resources.

Information exchange and technological guidance

The office of information exchange and technological consultation is operated to activate interdisciplinary research exchange among the researchers of the Institute of Advanced Materials, advertise the possessed technologies, patent data, direction and performance of research, and conduct effective technological consultation for the numerous medium and small material industry-related companies scattered in the areas of Incheon Metropolitan City, Bucheon City and Gyeonggi-do province.

Support of academic activities

The institute actively solicits the support of the university headquarters to improve the research environment and expand facilities so that the researchers at the institute may fully concentrate on their research. The specific items for the support are as follows.

  1. Contribution of articles to academic journals
  2. Participation in academic meetings
  3. Patent application

Academic exchange program

To give the researchers of the institute the opportunity for expanding knowledge through academic exchanges with domestic and overseas experts, the institute actively seeks opportunities for joint research projects with domestic and overseas experts. The academic exchanges will be a stage of the industry-university-institute exchanges with the active participation of material industry-related companies in the Incheon region. In addition, the undergraduate students in the School of Material Engineering and the students in the graduate schools related to material may foster professional knowledge and acquire fresh information from companies.

  1. Occasional seminars by invited experts.
  2. Annual symposium or workshop by invited domestic experts.
  3. Biennial symposium by invited domestic and overseas experts

Industry-university joint research

The full-service professors and researchers of the Institute of Advanced Materials will conduct technological consultation and guidance for the material-related companies in the Seoul-Incheon area to discover desperately needed technologies and the tasks which need research and development. For such tasks, joint industry-university research will be performed to develop the desperately needed technologies. Moreover, the results of the joint technological development will be grafted onto the production process of the industry to secure a competitive edge in technology.

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