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Inha University


Center for Interative Culture Technology

  • The benefits made by the continuous development of scientific civilization and technologies will bring remarkable innovations to the human lifestyle of the 21st century. Personal computers and Internet-based information technology, thriving since the second half of the last century, have been advancing to reach the demands of increasingly complex and varied information oriented environments, and is now nearing the advent of next generation information processing technology that will be more autonomous and human-friendly.

  • To correspond with these movements, the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Energy selected and supported the project of 'Developing SIC (Super Intelligent Chip) and its applications' under the program of 'Next Generation Technologies', in 2000. The SIC center was established at Inha university to develop future technologies. The center will invite about 30 experts in the fields related to the project from several universities, industries and other research institutes as members of the specialized research committee in order to investigate intelligent hardware and its applications, the results of which will work as the core elements of information processing in the post PC era.

  • The SIC, the heart of our research, is the human-friendly computation element that mimics the information processing system of living organisms in function and structure. Through the efficient exchange of data with the real world, SIC will perceive surroundings and learn how to adjust itself working as an auxiliary method for human decision-making and activities. Among the most advanced technologies currently in development, the SIC technology stands out as the requisite technology of intelligent information-oriented societies, in the future.

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