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Inha University


Sports Leisure Textile Research Center (SporTeC)


    Sports Leisure Textile Research Center (SporTeC) was established at Inha University with the help of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy and Incheon City in 2005, and will be supported until 2010.

    By developing cutting edge equipment for R&D and product evaluation, and setting up data to objectively present the high function of sport leisure wear, the center is dedicated to the continuous expansion of Korean sports leisure wear market. The ultimate goal of this center is to develop specifications and establish national and international standards for sport leisure wear. Also, by providing environments which allow highly functional materials for sports leisure wear, the center will provide the research and development of relevant technology and establish a network between experts and information database to raise the level of Korean technology.

    The research of this center is intended to satisfy many people who want to enjoy their leisure time and aid sports athletes to realize their dreams.

    Main Activities

    • Apparel comport evaluation
    • Providing final product evaluation systems to measure physical, practical, physiological and emotional factors generated in sports activities
    • Development of functional fabrics
    • Development of Information Sharing System
    • Database for specialists and information
    • Surveying on market trends and consumer demand
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