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Inha University


Environmental Technology Center of Thermal Plasma


The thermal plasma technique has attracted great attention for waste treatment and recycling waste. It has been considered one of the key techniques for energy and environment issues. The Environmental Technology Center of Thermal Plasma (ETTP) was chosen as a Regional Innovation center and commenced activities in March 2005 with the purpose of recycling waste and solving environmental issues through industry-research institute-academic cooperation. Its main purposes are to commercialize the thermal plasma technique related with environmental and energy issues and to produce exceptional scientists for the development of the regional industry. Supported by an ₩100,000,000 grant over 9 years from the Korean Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, Incheon city, and many companies. Currently, 9 professors and 50 researchers participate in this project.

Main Activities

  • Development of techniques through Industry-Research Institute-Academic cooperation
  • Sharing and making efficient use of research equipment
  • Training activities and teaching new skills
  • Development of database and supporting data collection for research
  • Commercialization of developed techniques and setting up a new business

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