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Inha University


Cost Engineering Research Center

Foundation Objectives

In operative national contract regulation, the duty of computing cost for deciding the bidding price of construction or production of something instead of public servant in charge of contract is very important for an appropriate execution of government contract, learning the reasonableness of object of contract, and a logical execution of government budget.

In case a public servant in charge finds it difficult to compute a bidding price of an object of contract because of its particularities in terms of content and nature, the government requests the bidding price from a cost computation services company, based on the "Standard of determining bidding price based on cost computation." Our Cost Engineering Research Center has joined the 『 Korea Cost Engineering Society 』 to meet cost requirements of an authenticated cost computation center and to provide academic research services on cost computation.

Our research center makes full use of research staff of the university and has formed a cooperative system between industrial, academic, and governmental resources to carry out systematic research on overall construction and management system. By doing so, we aspire to contribute to the establishment and development of related duties in construction companies and public institutions and provide expertise and technology to government and companies.

Foundation Objectives

  • Academic research
  • Contract price adjustment
    • Contract price adjustment due to changes in price
    • Contract price adjustment due to changes in design
    • Contract price adjustment due to changes made to other stipulations of contract
  • Construction Claims
    • Claims due to changes in design
    • Claims due to changes in price
    • Claims due to a delay in construction schedule
  • Government Accounting Cost Computation and Cost Computation by Business
    • Construction cost computation
    • Manufacturing cost computation
    • Service cost computation
    • Other special cost computations (information system, etc.)
  • Private-consigned standard cost calculation
  • Development cost calculation according to imposition of development shar

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