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Inha University


Regional Innovation Center for Automobile Powertrain


Participating Institute

  • Main Institute : INHA University
  • Central Government : Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy
  • Local Government : Incheon Metropolitan Government, Namdongward Government
  • Private sector : GM Daewoo Auto & Technology
  • Cooperative Venders : 38
    • Director : Dr. Jae-Ou Chae
    • Budget : 15 billion(KRW/year)

Major Activities

  • Establishment of cooperation between industry, academia, and government to develop and support technology in the proposed area
  • Using technology to develop highly value added parts and production capability
  • Technology development with car manufacturers and local vendors for competitive capability within world markets
  • Circulation of related technology information, support of new ventures
  • Contribution to local and national economic growth


  • Utilization of facilities
    Joint use of advanced experimental and measurement facilities installed in INHA RICA between the participating enterprises
  • Joint research
    Joint research between industry, academia, institute and support of R&D for enterprises via INHA RICA
  • Education & training
    Re-training of industrial manpower and provision of highly skilled manpower needed by industry
  • Circulation of information
    Circulation and provision of the latest technology trend and information worldwide
  • Support of emerging ventures
    Support of space, technology and management for enterprises related to new technology


  • Able to perform certified R&D using governmental standards
  • Enhancement of the market competitiveness of GM-Daewoo products via more reliable parts from the suppliers
  • Currently only five institutes have been awarded recognition as a governmental Emission Certification Center in Korea.

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