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Inha University


Geoinformatic Engineering Research Institute


The purpose of Geoinformatic Engineering Research Institute is to integrate R&D manpower for the development and establishment of science and technology for the current generation, management, analysis and application of position-related information and to promote nationwide management of soc-natural resources, environment and disaster-relief programs.

Main Activities and Achivements

  • Develop and carry out government-funded research projects in the field of geoinformatic engineering
  • Promote cooperation with the private sector and other research institutes
  • Host seminars and workshops in related research topics
  • Carry out man-power training as a GIS national education center
  • Short-term and long-term manpower training for engineers from private sectors and government officers
  • Research seminars and workshops
  • R&D projects with private sectors and technology transfer
  • Domestic / international patents and registered s/ws

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