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INHA UWB-ITRC will contribute to early establishment of the Ubiquitous Information Society and to growth of the regional industries by 1) leading the world IT technology through development of ultra-wideband (UWB) wireless communication system; 2) advancing the nation's information and communication technology through industry-academia-research cooperation based on the development technology; and 3) enhancing the technology competitiveness of the related industries.

Major Activities

The objects of INHA UWB-ITRC are

  • Research and development of core basic techniques and application system techniques in UWB wireless communication system, which can realize the maximum effects to the low-tier network, such as Multi-Piconet, WPAN, Ad-hoc network, in the Ubiquitous Network environment which is realizable by combination of various wireless network techniques
  • Cultivation of high-level expert talents in the relational research fields.
    • Facility introduction and support through industrial demand investigation
    • Change achievement project for development of industrial high-tech
    • Develop solutions for technological barriers by technology transfer and leadership
    • New products, improving the quality of the goods and supporting incubator related to UWB
    • Construction of technological and statistical information data-base
    • Cooperation seminar between industry, university, research and retraining of technology professionals through a variety of lectures
    • Training and recruitment of the professionals with knowledge of special technology through experience within the industrial field

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