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Inha University


The Center for Advanced Bioseparation Center

  • The ultimate objective of biotechnology is the efficient production of biological materials that are beneficial to humanity. Bio-technology is very technology-intensive from the stage of genetic manipulation of living organisms to the stage of purification to make pure biological products.

  • This kind of technology-intensive industry is suitable for a country like Korea which does not have abundant natural resources. The commercial success of high-value-added biological products, such as pharmaceuticals, directly depends on the efficiency of the purification methods employed. The Center for Advanced Bio-separation Technology (BSEP), an Engineering Research Center (ERC), supported by the Korea Science and Engineering Foundation, Ministry of Science and Technology Korea, was founded in July 2000, for research and development in bio-separation technology, which is a core element in biotechnology, considered by many to be the technology of the 21st Century.

  • Most scientists and engineers agree that the advent of future biotechnology will depend on breakthroughs in bio-separation and bio-analytical methods. The BSEP has been engaged in research to develop novel bio-separation technologies. This research spans from the extremely mirco and fast bio-analytical methods required for HTS (High Throughput Screening), considered to be the most important factor for future biotechnology, to the SMB (Simulated Moving Bed) technology for large-scale production of biological products. The BSEP, hosting bio-separation experts from Korea, has been equipped with state-of-the-art instruments and apparatus. The task force team of BESP has been assisting bio-industries, from small ventures to large businesses, to solve difficult problems encountered in the field. Eventually, the team plans to build a company to do bio-separations on contract.

  • Since its foundation, BSEP has been doing its utmost to contribute to the national bio-technology infrastructure and industry by developing and applying core bio-separation technologies, fostering professional man power, and serving as an information center in bio-separation.

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