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Inha University


Computational Electronics Center

The object of foundation

The Computational Electronics Center (CEC) wasestablished to develop the next generation of world-class technology in CAD·CAM field which is a basis of IT device research. The center's main research area is the development of ECAD, TCAD, MEMS CAD for IT device fabrication. Also, the center aims to provide unified CAD/CAM solutions to design IT device for system, circuit, electronic device, micro machine device, TFT-LCD, PDP panel, and semi conductor process.

Major work

  • Promoting ITRC( Information Technology Research Center ) work under the Ministry of Information and Communication
  • Development of source code on open environment
  • Training of master's and doctorate students
  • Retraining of corporation staff in related fields
  • Cooperation with superior internal and external research centers
  • Joint research with industry
  • The role of international CAD·CAM solution Hub

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