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Inha University


Research Support

Research Funding and Research Capacity Development

Research Funding for New Faculty

The Division of Research offers new faculty members research start-up funds for equipment and supplies.

Research Funding for General Faculty

The Division of Research offers research funding to all full-time faculty members.

Support for Academic Activities

Reward for Excellent Academic Papers

The Division of Research seeks to invigorate academic research and improve research capacity by promoting the publication of outstanding academic papers both domestically and internationally.

Support for the Publications of Academic Papers in the Prominent Academic Journals

The Division of Research provides support for the publication fees of academic papers in order to encourage professors to publish their outstanding academic papers in academic and scientific journals.

English Proofreading Service

The Division of Research offers an English proofreading service for professors who are publishing academic papers in international academic journals.

Support for Obtaining Research Funding

In order to receive more research funding from external sources, the Division of Research provides support for professors applying for research projects.

※ New faculty members who have been hired less than 5 years and professors who are either participating in the BK21 Plus Project or are applying for a large scale public/private project are eligible to receive the funding. The amount of the funding may differ, depending on the amount of research funding received that year and the overhead ratio. For more details, check the Notice Board for Research Activities on the Inha Portal System.

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