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Course of Study

Enrollment Numbers
Division Year 2008 Year 2009 and onward Notes
Liberal Arts Required University General Education-Required Courses University Genera Education-Required Courses
Division Genearal Education-Required Courses Field of Genuine Liberal Arts Field of Department Preparation Field of Major Basics Division Genearal Education-Required Courses Field of Genuine Liberal Arts Field of Major Basics / Field of Department Preparation College of Engineering, College of Information Technology & Engineering : Field of Major Basics Other Colleges : Field of Department Preparation
Major Required Major-Required Courses Major-Required Courses
Elective Major-Elective Courses Major-Elective Courses

No. of Credits Change by Course Division

Enrollment Numbers
Division Year 2008 Year 2009 and onward
Minimum No. of Credits Required for Graduation 140credits
(except for Department of International Trade with 150 credits, For the Department of Architecture with 170 credits)
(except for Department of Human Ecology with 132 credits, Department of Economics, College of Business, Department of Law, College of Humanities, Department of Nursing, Department of Arts and Sports with 135 credits, and Department of Architecture with 165 credits,)
Minimum No. of Credits in Major Courses Required 54credits
(except for the Department of Architecture with 116 credits, Department of International Trade with 66 credits, and Department of Nursing with 80 credits)
60~69credits depending on each major
(except for the Department of Architecture with 116 credits, Department of Nursing with 80 credits, and Department of Law with 54 credits)
University-Required Liberal Arts 15credits 10credits
Department-Required Liberal Arts 21 ~ 50credits 24 ~ 46credits

Inha Graduation Certification System

This system is applied to students newly admitted in the 2000 academic year and transfer students admitted in the year 2002 to junior year. For more details, please refer to the school website.

Introduction of by-level learning for students of engineering with liberal arts background

Courses offered for students with liberal arts background are distinguished from other courses by the mention「For students with liberal arts background」under the remarks column of the course schedule and students with science background are not allowed to register for these courses.

* Liberal Arts Background Criteria

  1. High school graduates in the field of liberal arts and foreign high school graduates: students’ high school record will be checked to see whether students have taken PhysicsⅡ, ChemistryⅡ, MathⅡ.
  2. Industrial high school graduates and those who have passed qualification examination for college entrance will be regarded as having human studies background.

Retaking Course

Retaking Course means that a student may take a course again if he/she has earned a grade of under C+ in order to earn a better grade. Students may only retake a course with the same course number and title they had previously taken.

If students are retaking a course, while scheduling courses, the message that a course is being retaken will appear on the screen when they register for the course. The students retaking a course can direct the inquiries to their own department for more details on retaking and alternative courses. Students can also check the list of eligible retake courses on the website.

Course Division Codes

1: General Education-Required Course / 2 : General Education-Elective Course / 5 : Major-Required Course / 6 : Major-Elective Course / 7 : Minor Course / 8 : Teacher Certificate Program Course / 9 : Free Elective Course

Course Division by Department (Major)

A common course offered within a department (major) will be considered to be the course type of that particular course. (For instance, if a student majoring in Naval Architecture and Maritime Engineering takes a course offered for Mechanical Engineering students, the course type will be considered to be that of the Department of Mechanical Engineering) However, the type of a course offered by another department (major) will be regarded as 9. (Free Elective Course) When a student who has changed major to one in another department takes a course offered in his/her original department, the course taken will be deemed to be the course type of the original department.

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