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Course Registration

Course Registration

Course registration is the period when students may select and register for courses they wish to take over a semester.

Course Registration Information

On-line course registration: Registration for courses is done online through the University website. ( For more details, refer to the course registration manual on the course registration page.

Course Registration Credits

Full time students who need 132 credits to graduate must register for a minimum of 16 credits up to a maximum of 19 credits. Those who need 135 credits to graduate must register for a minimum of 16 credits up to a maximum of 20 credits; except in the last semester before graduation (8th semester, or 10th semester for Architecture majors) when these students may register for a minimum of 3 credits on the condition that they are enrolled as full time students.

Students who have successfully completed more than 16 credits (12 credits for seniors) with a GPA above 4.0 (without an F) in the previous semester, or who have taken the Techno-Management Program with a GPA above 3.7 in the previous semester, may register for 3 more credits than the maximum credit limit. Students, majoring in medical science, may take up to 30, and students, majoring in nursing with Teacher Certificate Program, up to 23 credits.

Application Period

On-line registration available on the date set prior to the beginning of the semester

Course Drop

Students cannot drop a course after they have completed course registration. When it is inevitable, dropping one course over the set period of time will be allowed. The number of credits being taken for the semester cannot go below 15 (9 in the case of seniors) because of the dropped course; and students who have dropped a course will not be entitled to any established scholarship, high academic achievement scholarship or freshmen’s high academic achievement scholarship.

Retaking Courses

  • Courses with the same course number may be retaken.
  • Students retaking a course may not drop the course. (switching to another course is allowed during the ourse drop/add period.)
  • The grade earned in a retaken course will automatically delete the previous grade from the student's record.
  • Any academic warning received for a low grade will remain in effect even after it has been deleted by the grade received from the retaken course.
  • The semester and year in which a student completes a retaken course will be specified under “Retake” column. If it does not appear that will be understood as he/she has not taken the course.
  • Eligible Retake courses can be checked on our course registration page ( through the ‘eligible retake course search’ engine


Once a student has completed registration, he/she should check for any possible errors/mistakes on the system, and keep a printed copy of the confirmed courses scheduled. If he/she does not rectify errors/mistakes, he/she might fail to earn credits or even get an F.

Related Regulations

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  • Regulation on Course Re-registration
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