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Retaking Courses

Retaking Courses

  • A course of the same number and title or those deemed to be the same or similar
  • Eligible courses → Refer to the list of re-registrable courses

Restrictions on Retaking Courses (Since Fall Semester 1998)

  • Students may retake only for the courses in which they have earned under C+.
  • Students cannot retake a course more than once.
  • Students may earn only up to 6 credits per semester in retaken courses.
  • The total number of credits earned in retaken courses cannot be more than 24 throughout graduation.

Application Procedure

Students may to retake a course during the regular course registration period.

Course Grading

  • The grade earned in a retaken course will appear on the student’s university record and the existing grade will be deleted. However, the existing grade will not be deleted if the student was suspended or filed a leave of absence before earning a grade.
  • Course section and grade earned in a retaken course will be recognized as course section and grade of the pertinent semester.
  • Title and grade of a course deleted as a result of retaking it will not be shown on the school transcript.

Dropping Retaking Course

Students retaking a course may not drop the course. (switching to another course is allowed during the course drop/add period.)


Academic warning received before retaking a course will remain in effect even after a grade has been deleted from the record.

Related Regulations

Regulation on Retaking Courses

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