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Summer/Winter Semester

Summer/Winter Semester

Students can make use of the school’s summer or winter semesters to earn credits they need for graduation, or to earn a better grade in a course where they earned an “F.” Students may take up to 6 credits in a semester and up to 24 credits before graduation.

Available Courses

  • Summer/winter courses are offered during summer or winter vacation. (Course registration date, enrollment date and courses available will be announced on the school’s webpage before the beginning of a summer/winter semester.)
  • Lecture hours for a summer/winter course will be more than 16 hours/credit.
  • Summer/winter courses to be offered will be decided by the Dean of Academic Affairs.
  • Liberal arts courses will be open only if there are more than 30 students taking a course, and major courses if there are more than 10. Otherwise, courses will not be offered.

Course Registration

  • On-line course registration: Registration for courses may be done online on the University website. (
  • For more details, refer to the course registration manual on the course registration page.
  • Once students have completed registration, they should check for any possible errors/mistakes on the system, and keep a printed copy of the confirmed courses scheduled.

Registration Guidance

Students will be enrolled in the summer/winter semester once they have transferred the tuition to a cyber bank account the school has designated to them.

  • What is a cyber bank account?
    • A cyber bank account is a one-time computer bank account created with the cooperation of the school’s bank and designated to each student enrolled in a summer/winter semester.
      Students get to complete the summer/winter course registration by transferring the course fees to their designated cyber bank accounts during the registration period.
    • Registration Procedure
      • Course Registration : On the school’s course registration webpage
      • Checking Cyber Bank Account and Tuition : After completing course registration, students can check their designated cyber bank accounts for the amount of tuition on the date specified.
      • Enrollment : Upon transferring all fees related to tuition to a designated student cyber bank account during the enrollment period
      • Bank Receiving Summer/Winter Semester Tuition : Hana Bank
        ① Wire transfer through internet banking, Tele-banking, or CD/ATM
        ② Non-bank account wire transfer
        ③ Wire transfer from other bank accounts
        * The cyber bank account for each summer/winter semester is for one-time use only, and must not be used for any other purpose whatsoever.
        * Only the amount designated to each student can be transferred.
      • Checking Enrollment : Students may confirm enrollment and date of transfer receipt on the school’s course enrollment webpage.


    • Students may take only up to 6 credits. (Credits taken over the summer/winter semester cannot exceed 24 credits throughout graduation.)
    • Newly earned grades from a retaken course delete the previous grades. (Refer to regulations on retaking courses.)
    • Students on a leave of absence may not take summer/winter courses.
    • Grades earned during a summer/winter course will not be valid for selecting scholarship awardees, and will be recorded as separate semester grades.
    • Grades earned in a summer/winter course will not be effected by regulations related to academic warning or any selection criteria.
    • Students may earn a failing grade (F) from a summer/winter course.
    • Those enrolled in the English Camp (Lifelong education program courses open during summer and winter vacations.) may take up to 6 credits including the credits earned in the English Camp.

    Related Regulations

    • School Regulations : Clause 12, Clause 39 Article 4, Clause 59
    • Regulations on summer/winter semester
    • Regulation on retaking courses: Clause 5
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