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Examination and Grade Assessments

Regular Examination

  • Mid-term Examination : Between the 7th~8th weeks from the start of a semester
  • Final Examination : At the end of semester

* Those who failed to attend more than 3/4 of lectures of each course are not entitled to take the exams, and will earn an ‘F’ grade.

Missed Examination Procedure

  • Students entitled to take a substitute examination for a missed examination.
    • Those who have failed to take an exam because of an a scheduling conflict with another course’s exam, draft notice, or official school ceremony
    • Those who have failed to take an exam due to personal illness or due to the death of a parent
    • Those who have failed to take an exam for other reasons accepted by the head of department
  • Application Procedure
    • Fill out a missed exam application form.(Attach written evidence.)
    • Get approval of the teaching professor via academic advisor and head of department.
    • Submit the application form to the department (college) of the academic course for a substitute examination.
  • Others
    • Grading of students entitled to a substitute examination will be below A+ for those in article 1, and below B+ for those in article 2 and 3.

Grading Criteria

  • In principle, grading will be done based on relative assessment.
  • Grading criteria for each course will be composed of 80% of exam score, 10% of attendance, and 10% of assignment.
  • Grade assessment of those who leave the school for military service after the 3rd quarter of a semester will be done based on mid-term exam scores and other assignments. Such students must fill out a completed course grade assessment validation form (available at the Undergraduate Student Office), to be signed by the teaching professor of each course.

Assessment Unit

Although relative grade assessment is done per class, performance of students taking a course divided into more than one class may be assessed relative to the entire group of students taking the same course if students take the same exam

Assessment and Grade

Assessment and Grade
Grade Assessment Proportion
A+ 4.5 20(±10%)
A0 4.0
B+ 3.5 30(±10%)
B0 3.0
C+ 2.5 30(±10%)
C0 2.0
D+ 1.5 20±(10%)
D0 1.0
F 0

Grade Notification and Correction

  • Grade Notification : Within 7 days from the last day of final exam for a minimum of 3 days
  • Notification On-line : Log in on the Course Registration page. (– Course Evaluation and Checking Grades
  • Grade Correction: When a student has judged that he/she was given an unfair grade, it may be corrected after consulting with the advisor during the grade notification period. After grades have been officially documented on the record, only mistakes based on solid reasons (such as input error, etc.) will be corrected after the submission of a grade correction petition form and with the permission of the Dean of Academic Affairs.

Grade Annulment

  • Students who have been caught cheating or displayed any misbehavior during an exam will be subject to the following disciplinary action based on the school regulations rules of operation Clause 10 Article 3.
    • Disciplinary Sanction : ‘F’ for only extreme misbehavior or cheating
    • Definite Period Suspension of more than 15 days and less than 30 days : Suspension begins on the date of misbehavior and the student will get a grade of‘F’for all exams given over the suspension period.
    • Definite Period Suspension of more than 30 days and Indefinite Period Suspension : A grade of ‘F’ will be given on all courses being taken for the semester.

Academic Warning

Students who earn a grade point average of below 1.70 (during regular semesters) will receive an academic warning. When a student is given a 3 times academic warning straight or a 4 times in total, he/she will be removed from the school register.

Home Correspondence of School Transcript

Individual school transcripts will be sent to each students home (to the address of a student’s guardian).

Related Regulations

  • School Regulation : Clause 34, Clause 35, Clause 36, Clause 37, Clause 38
  • School Regulation Rule for Operation : Clause 10, Clause 20, Clause 21, Clause 22, Clause 24, Clause 25, Clause 26, Clause 27, Clause 31
  • Regulation on Missed Examinations
  • Internal Regulation on Grading and Reporting Grades.
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