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Change of Major

A "Change of Major" takes place when a student changes his/her current college (major) to a different college (major).

Number of Students Permitted to Change Major and Selection Method

  • The number of candidates for change of major are decided on the basis of the admission quota when the sophomores and juniors had entered the university as freshmen.
  • Students are not allowed to change major to the College of Education.
  • In the case of pre-med and nursing within the College of Medicine, a change of major will only be allowed only if there is vacancy in the total number of students per unit of recruitment.


  • Change of major in sophomore year: Those who have taken courses as a full-time student for 2 semesters and have earned more than 32 credits as a freshman.
  • Change of mahjor in junior year: Those who have taken courses as a full-time student for 4 semesters and have earned more than 65 credits as a sophomore.
  • General Proviso: Students may change major only once over the entire period of enrollment at the university.

Application Documents

A copy of change of major application (school’s prescribed form)

Restrictions to Change of Major

In case the number of students changing major from and to a college exceeds the limit as set by the Change of Major Selection Committee, students will be subject to audit and inspection by prospectus to be admitted.

Restrictions to Scholarship Award

Those students who have changed their major are excluded as candidates for high academic achievements scholarship and grant-in-aid. If a student is on scholarship at a college for placing first in the entrance exam and decides to change his/her major to another college, he/she will no longer be eligible for scholarship.

Related Regulations

School Regulation : Regulation on Change of Major Clause 24

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