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Students must pay tuition fees each semester within the specified period for payment in order to maintain their status as a registered student. With the exception of those graduating early, students who have failed to pay tuition fees for their 8th semester (10th semester in the case of Architecture majors) will not be able to graduate.

Regular Enrollment

Enrollment Period

  • 1st Semester: Late February (for a specific time period)
  • 2nd Semester: Late August (for a specific time period)

Enrollment Procedure

  • New students, re-admitted students and returning students: must print a tuition bill off the schools webpage and pay at the school-designated bank within the specified time period.
  • Re-admitted students must be issued a tuition bill from the Academic Operations and Records Team and pay the tuition fees (including the admission fee) at the office of the Finance Team within a specified time period. Failure to enroll and complete payment may lead to the cancellation of admission.
  • Students on Scholarship: must be issued a tuition bill and enroll themselves through the same process as regular students follow. Those with a certificate of scholarship will pay at the office of the Finance Team.

Part-time Coures Registration

Enrolling as a part-time student is an option only for those who have already taken courses as a full-time student more than 4 semesters or are returning to school from a leave of absence earlier than scheduled. Part-time students pay per-credit tuition fees and register for courses they need to take. Part-time enrollment will not be regarded as regular enrollment for the 8th semester (10th semester in the case of Architecture majors, 8th semester in the case of Medicine majors). Full-time enrollment in the final semester is one of the graduation requirements.

Time and Procedure

Part-time course registration should be done over the course registration period (under 15 credits) Online registration Log on to Inha Portal - INS (학사행정) - Registration (등록) - Partial course registrationPrint out a tuition bill from the Inha Potal during the additional enrollment period and pay the bill following the standard payment process.

Part-time enrollment eligibility

  • Students who have taken courses for more than 4 semesters as a full-time student.
  • Students returning to school from a leave of absence earlier than scheduled (Only the current semester is available for part-time enrollment to students who are returning to school from a leave of absence earlier than scheduled)

Part-time enrollment tuition fees based on number of credits

  • Part-time tuition fees are calculated as 1/18 of the standard tuition fee for that the college or major for that year multiplied by the number of credits registered for when less than 15 credits
  • More than 16 credits will correspond to the full time enrollment tuition fees.

In the case of a discrepancy between the number of credits and the amount of tuition fees for part-time enrollment.

  • When the number of credits exceeds the amount of tuition fees for part-time enrollment, registration will be annulled in the order of elective general education courses, elective liberal arts courses, major courses, required major courses and required liberal arts courses based on the Regulation on Course Registration Clause 4. (Annulment of Registered Courses)
  • Once enrollment has been completed, tuition fees that have already been paid will not be reimbursed even in the case of dropping a course during the course drop/add period. Once part-time tuition has been paid, students cannot add a course, however replacing a registered course with another course that has the same number of credits is allowed.


  • Partial enrollment will not be included in the total time period of standard school enrollment.
  • Students on leave of absence cannot return to school before they pay any the outstanding tuition fees in their entirety.
  • Those who choose part-time enrollment are not allowed to apply for a leave of absence.

Non-Credit Enrollment

Non-credit enrollment is available to students who need to maintain their registered student status due to one of the following conditions: those who have finished a 4-year program but do not meet all the graduation requirements such as a graduation thesis or Inha Graduation Certification; or pre-med or medicine majors in the College of Medicine who have earned a failing grade for a semester and must repeat a year.

Time and Procedure

After applying for non-credit enrollment on the Inha Portal, print out the bill for tuition fees and pay the bill at the end of the semester. (Detailed information will be announced on the Inha website every semester.)

Enrollment Fee

a set amount (1/18 of a semester’s tuition for the year)


Students who do not have a course to register for

Registered Student Status

Regarded as an enrolled student

Tuition of Students on Leave of Absence

Students taking a general leave of absence

  • Students leaving within 1/4 of a semester: Tuition paid will substitute for tuition of the returning semester
  • Students leaving after 1/4 of a semester: Tuition paid will not be returned nor will it apply to any other semester.
  • Students leaving after 3/4 of a semester: Are ineligible to take a general leave of absence

Students taking a leave of absence for military service

  • Students entering military service within 3/4 of a semester: Tuition paid will substitute for tuition of the returning semester.
  • Students entering military service after 3/4 of a semester : Tuition paid will not be returned nor will it apply to any other semester. Re-enrollment for the returning semester is required after being discharged from the army. (Course work completed before leaving will remain in effect.)


Students who have failed to complete enrollment or submit a petition for leave of absence will be removed from the school register automatically. Re-admitted students must pay tuition after receiving admission from the school.

Related Regulations

  • School Regulation : Clause 26, Clause 59, Clause 60, Clause 61
  • School Regulation Rule for Operation : Clause 7, Clause 8, Clause 9, Clause 10, Clause 38
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