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Students who are expelled from school for failing to complete enrollment, failing to return to school, or receiving 3 academic warnings, or for withdrawing from school, have the possibility to be readmitted to school after 6 months or 1 year, depending on a program’s vacancy. The student’s status on the school register will be reinstated after completing the readmission procedure.

Readmission Candidates

Students who have been expelled from university may apply for readmission at the beginning of every semester with successful readmission commensurate to that year’s entrance quota. Students who have withdrawn under clause 48 of the School Regulations are allowed to reenter school only after 2 semesters have passed since the date of their withdrawal.

Those expelled from school under the School Regulations’ Clause 50, Article 6 are not eligible candidates.

Readmission Procedure

Readmission application date will be announced every January and July.

Those who wish to reenter must apply on-line by「Logging on to the Inha Portal - INS (학사행정) - Enrollment Service (학적) - Request for Enrollment Status Change (학적변동신청) - Readmission (재입학)」on the designated date (usually mid January or mid July).

In the case of the number of applicants exceeding the number of vacancies, admission will be granted by date of expulsion (the earlier dates taking precedence over more recent dates). Students who fail to pay tuition fees (including the same admission fee as newly admitted students) at the office of the Finance Team within the set period will not be eligible for readmission. Readmitted students can not file for a leave of absence in the first semester after readmission.

Related Regulations

  • School Regulation: Clause 47
  • School Regulation Rule for Operation: Clause7, Clause28
  • Regulation on Readmission

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