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"Repetition" refers to voluntarily repeating the course work of a semester or of a year in order to earn better grades.

Repetition Procedure

「Log on to Inha Portal - INS (학사행정) - Enrollment Service (학적) - Request for Enrollment Status Change (학적변동신청) - Repetition (유급신청)」

Application Period

  • The application period for course of year repetition begins a week before the course registration period and up to, but not after, the first quarter of a semester. The tuition paid for the repeating semester will become extinct.
  • Only students who have completed enrollment may apply for repetition.

School Records after Repetition

  • A student may repeat up to 2 most recently completed semesters, and after repetition school records shall delete all record of the original semester or course. (Grades earned during part-time enrollment or summer/winter semesters after repetition will also be deleted.
  • There is no reimbursement for a course or semester that will be repeated. Students must pay the standard tuition fees each semester regardless of repetition.

Related Regulations

  • School Regulation : Clause 41
  • Regulation on Course Registration: Clause 7, Clause 14

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