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Double Major

"Double Major" is a system through which a student can simultaneously major in two different programs in one department or two different departments simultaneously to acquire two degrees (e.g.: Degree in Engineering and Degree in Literature) and two majors (e.g.: Major in Electronic Engineering and English Literature)

The Main Purposes of the Double Major System

  • To provide students with a broader perspective within their field of study and to ensure they have the required knowledge of scientific trends where interdisciplinary research is emphasized.
  • To allow students more flexibility in choice of their major
  • To provide students with more job opportunities and flexibility in career choices by better equipping them to meet the particular demands for human resources by society.

Application Criteria

Eligible students must be starting either their 3rd or 5th semester (Students who have completed their 5th semester are not eligible to have a double major)

Application Procedure

Students who meet the above requirement and would like to enter the double major system should apply on-line byLogging on to the Inha Portal - INS (학사행정) - Enrollment Service (학적) - Request for Enrollment Status Change (학적변동신청) - Double Majorat the beginning of February or August. (Exact date to be announced later)

Scope of Double Major Program (Department)

Students may choose to double major in any academic program offered by the university, except in the case of Medicine. Only students in the College of Education are eligible to double-major in any double-major programs offered by the College of Education.


  • The department or college which a student applies to double major in, will announce selected candidates based on the particular criteria of that department or college.
  • The supervising department or college exercises the right to limit the number of students accepted in consideration of the number of students already enrolled, and the condition and capacity of available lecture halls.

Earning Credits

To receive a double major, the student must earn more than 42 credits in the courses required by the relevant department. Students in a double-major program are not required to take liberal arts courses. However, any liberal arts course previously designated must be taken.

Withdrawal from Double Major Status

  • If a student wishes to withdraw from double major status, student should apply for a withdrawal on-line by Logging on to Inha Portal - INS (학사행정) - Enrollment Service (학적) - Request for Enrollment Status Change (학적변동신청) - Double Majorat the beginning of February or August. (Exact date to be announced later)
  • If a graduating senior would like to withdraw from the Double Major Program, he/she must fill in the application form (at the office of the Academic Operation and Records Team), obtain the written permission of the dean of supervising department, and submit the application form to the Academic Operation and Records Team.

Delaying graduation for the Double Major

A graduating senior who has completed the requirements for the major but would like to delay graduation in order to attain a double major must file a graduation delay petition to his/her major departments office before the end of the final semester in June or December (Students who do not submit the petition will graduate on schedule.)

Conferment of Degree

When a student has met the graduation requirements for both the main primary and secondary fields of study, he/she will have conferred two distinct degrees (For example, if a student majoring in Industrial Engineering has double majored in Business Administration, he/she will have conferred to them a degree in Engineering and a second degree in Business Administration.

Related Regulations

  • School Regulation : Clause 32
  • School Regulation Rules of Operation : Clause 12
  • Regulation on Double, Interdisciplinary and Compound Majors

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