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Inha University


Types of Scholarships

Internal Scholarships

Substitution System for Graduation Certification
Scholarship Eligibility Standards Course Withdrawal Award Amounts Remarks
Academic Excellence Scholarship Students who obtained a prescribed number of academic credits and a GPA of 4.0 or higher Not


  • All tuition fees
  • 2/3 of tuition
  • 1/3 of tuition
Work-Study Scholarship Students who work in departments of the university -


  • A level: KRW290,000/50H
  • B level: KRW 270,000/46H
Achievement Scholarship Students who made a special contribution to the development of the nation or the university -


  • A specified amount

rules are
Leadership Scholarship Students who can be role models to other students by demonstrating leadership, volunteerism and community activity -


  • A specified amount
Global Scholarship International students accepted through special admissions for international students
  1. Suspension of Qualification
    • When a student violates the school rules
    • When a student falsifies information within application procedure and grounds for scholarship
    • When a student’s academic supervisor requests suspension of scholarship for a valid reason
  2. Disqualification
    • Separate provisions are in place for the Exchange Student Scholarship (International Center).
    • When a student acquires Korean citizenship
  1. Global 1ㆍ3 :
    • Recipients and amount determined at the time of admissions
  2. Global 2 :
    • The amount of the scholarship is commensurate with a student’s previous GPA (full tuition, 2/3 and 1/3)

Exchange Student Scholarship

Students who have completed more than one academic semester at Inha

  1. Grant Period: 6 semesters at max.
  2. Amount: Separate provisions are in place (International Center)





Public Service Scholarship

Students involved in Student Government



  • A GPA of 2.0 or higher
  • A specified amount

External Scholarships

Substitution System for Graduation Certification
Nomination Process and Scholarship Foundation Award Amounts
When there is no specific request from the foundation, the Dean of Student Affairs selects nominees in accordance with the number of students enrolled in each department. Full tuition or a specified amount
Scholarship Foundations may designate or select recipients. Full tuition or a specified amount
Lotte Foundation and 120 other scholarship foundations
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