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  • Korean law defines a visa as a “recommendatory action by a consul to apply for entry by a foreigner.” Those not meeting the necessary requirements may be denied entry into the country. All international students are required to have a D-2 student visa before the school year begins.
  • How to Apply
    • Students who does not have Alien Registration Number
      ㆍNecessary documents and procedures differ by country.
      ㆍContact respective country’s Embassy of South Korea.
    • Students who have valid Alien Registration Number
      ㆍApplication documents and procedures will be guided through E-mail before a semester begins.

Alien Registration

  • Within 90 days of arrival in Korea foreign students must register to get Alien Registration Cards regardless of the type of visa, unless their total period of stay in Korea is less than 90 days. Those that acquired D-2 visa in Korea do not need additional alien registration.
  • How to Apply : > Welcome Guide > Immigration Matters > Alien Registration

Extension of Visa

  • The D-2 student visa should always be effective and valid while studying in Korea. Visa should be extended by visiting Incheon Immigration Office before it expires.
  • How to Apply : > Exchange Student Guide Book > Visa/Work/ISL

Work Permit

  • Foreign students (D2 holders) are allowed to work part-time in Korea.
  • Work time : 25 Hours or less per week during regular semesters
  • No limit on working hours during weekends and school vacations
  • Work permission can be granted for a period of up to one year within the period of stay.
  • How to Apply : > Exchange Student Guide Book > Visa/Work/ISL

Other Important Immigration and Sojourn inquires

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