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Inha University


Student Training Camp


Inha University’s Student Training Camp is located in Mongsan-ri, Nam-myun, Taean-gun, Chungcheongnam-do Province, which boasts a beautiful natural environment with lush dense pines and a white sand beach, rare for the west coast. All facilities, including rooms (4 faculty, 12 student), showers, a seminar hall (also used as a dining room), and the kitchen are available at affordable prices. The center is within walking distance of the small Mongdae Port, which offers inexpensive and fresh seafood. Mongsanpo beach is also near the camp. Cheongpodae, Sambong, Bangpo, and Kkotji beaches are easily accessible by traveling southward. Another appealing option is a visit to the Natural Recreation Forest of Anmyeondo Island.

How to Apply

Apply online at Inha Student Portal ( > Facility > Reserve use of Taean Training Camp.

※ Search the reservation status online and select your room and check-in date before making a reservation.

※ It is important to check the facility guide and your reservation status online after making a room reservation.


Faculty room: 12,000 KRW/day (a capacity of 4 people per room)

Student room: 12,000 KRW/day (a capacity of 10 people per room) with an additional charge of KRW 1,000 for each additional person


  • By car:
    Incheon → West Coast Highway (Seosan I.C.) → Taean → Student Training Camp (3 Hours)
  • By public transportation (Express Bus): Incheon Express Bus Terminal → Taean → City Bus to Monsanpo → Mongsan-ri → Arrival at the Facility (3.5 Hours)

Facility Guidelines

Facility Guidelines must be followed in order to maintain a clean and pleasant environment at the Student Training Camp:

  • Only full-time students and faculty of Inha University may use this facility.
  • Reservations and usage rights are not transferrable to others.
  • Men and women are strictly prohibited from sharing a room, and the use of a student room may not be permitted for a group of less than five students.
  • Utensils, food trays are provided by the management office and must be returned to the office when checking out.
  • Damage to the facility must be reported to the management office, and people who are responsible for the damage will be directly charged with additional fees.
  • Refrain from inappropriate behavior that could tarnish the image of Inha University.(i.e. obscene outfits, excessive drinking)
  • Avoid singing too loudly or playing traditional percussion instruments which may disturb neighbors.
  • Stay safe at all times and avoid careless accidents. (Never swim after drinking, do warm-ups, and observe the swimming zone.)
  • After visiting the beach, use the shower facilities before entering the room.
  • The use of shampoo products and the construction of a campfire on the beach are strictly prohibited in order to prevent environmental pollution.
  • Dispose of garbage and food wastes in the designated area.
  • Clean your room before you check out, to avoid any inconvenience to the next users.
  • Be careful to secure your belongings against loss or theft.
  • Refrain from any behavior that may cause inconvenience to others.


Student Training Camp of Ocean Science & Technology Institute, Inha University

  • Address: Mongdorae 368-6, (608 Mongsan-ri, Nam-myun) Taean-gun, Chungcheongnam-do


Tel. 041)672-0991

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