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Residence Life

Dormitory Application Period

New Undergraduate Students

  • 1st Semester (Spring Semester): December (early admission students) ~ January (regular admission students)
  • 2nd Semester (Fall Semester): Same as currently enrolled students

Currently Enrolled Undergraduate Students and Graduate Students

Currently Enrolled Undergraduate Students and Graduate Students
Semester Application Period Remarks
1st Semester(Spring Semester) Late December ~ Early January Check the university website for dorm application notice→ Apply online at Inha Portal INS
2nd Semester(Fall Semester) Late June ~ Early July

New graduate students should apply only after the acceptance for regular admission is announced. Please download the dorm application form, complete it and send it to

Move-in during Mid-Semester

When students move out of the dormitory for personal reasons, you can apply for the vacancy.

Currently Enrolled Undergraduate Students and Graduate Students
Application Period Remarks
1st Dorm
2nd Dorm
1st Semester : From Feb. 20th ~
2nd Semester : From Aug. 20th ~
(Dates are subject to change depending on the school holiday schedule)
  • Students can visit the office or call to apply.
  • Students are selected based on their previous GPA.
  • Students must choose the dorm and room type on their own.

Move-in during Summer/Winter Vacation

Application Period for Summer/Winter Vacation

Currently Enrolled Undergraduate Students and Graduate Students
Application Period Remarks
Summer Late May ~ Early June Check the university website for dorm application notice→ Apply online through the Inha Portal INS
Winter Late December ~ Early January
Selection Criteria Will be announced in the application notice

Selection Criteria

Selections made based on GPA and Where Students Live

Selections are made based on GPA as well as home address and year of study (When assessing where students live, their parents’ address is used as a criterion).

  • Currently enrolled undergraduate students: GPA of the previous semester in which students were registered full-time.
  • New undergraduate students: For international students, selections are made by the Admissions Office.
  • New graduate students: Campus housing is guaranteed for all international students during the first semester of study.


Undergraduate students: Students who are enrolled full-time.
Graduate students: Students at the Graduate School of Engineering, Business Administration, Education and Public Policy & Administration are NOT eligible for campus housing.
Others : Students with special needs are approved by the Dormitory Director.

Students who are not eligible for campus housing

  • Students who have received disciplinary actions or were removed from the dormitory
  • Students who were suspended by the university according to school regulations
  • Researchers
  • Part-time graduate students

Students who are given priority [Quadruple Room/People with disabilities(Double Room)]

Currently Enrolled Undergraduate Students and Graduate Students
Students whose GPA is assessed for dorm housing application Students whose GPA is not assessed for dorm housing application

Their GPA must be at least 2.1 and, they must belong to one of the following categories:

  • Men of national merit: Supporting documents such as a certificate of tuition exemption must be submitted (one time submission)
  • Welfare recipients: Supporting documents must be submitted (every semester)
  • People with disabilities: A disability certificate must be submitted (disability grade should be at least 4, and there should be a vacancy)
  • Students on a scholarship receiving housing assistance from the university
  • International Exchange Students
  • Government Scholarship Recipients
  • New International Students (1st semester only)

Students that are under any of the categories above (men of national merit, welfare recipients and people with disabilities) should submit a supporting document by fax or mail when applying for campus housing.

  • 1st Dormitory : Soseong-ro 40, Michuhol-gu, Incheon / Fax 032-865-7259
  • 2nd Dormitory : Soseong-ro 71, Michuhol-gu, Incheon / Fax 032-864-1849



Move-in Procedure

Online application ( - INS (학사정보) 생활관 – Check the announcement of successful applicants → Registration and payment → Health examination → Document submission and entry registration → Key receipt → Move-in
※ Notes : You should check your parents’ address and postal code online at the university portal and register your Hana Bank account number.

Housing Payment

How to Pay : Send payment to your virtual account (You can check your own virtual account number online at the university portal)


Mid-semester Move-out

  • Complete the check-out report and submit it along with your key and bed sheets to the Dormitory Office or Night-duty Room
  • Your dormitory deposit will be sent to your bank account after your room has been checked
  • If you are asked to vacate the dorm room, you must move out immediately
  • Partial refund for mid-semester move-out is offered for the following cases :
    • Military conscription and illness: Students who move out before 1/2 of semester is completed
    • Personal reasons: Students who move out before 1/4 of semester is completed
    • Students who move out within a month after summer/winter vacation begins because of military service or illness (supporting documents must be submitted)
    • Students who move out within two weeks after summer/winter vacation begins

Move-out after a full semester

Students should just fill out the Check-out Form at the Dormitory Office or Night-duty Room before moving out. Please remove all of your belongings, and leave the room in a clean condition. All furniture that was in your room when you moved in is expected to be there and arranged as you found it. Students should be sure to return the room key and bed sheets.

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