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Inha University




Classification Charges Eligibility Remarks
Semester Rates Faculty and Students 10,000 KRW/month
40,000 KRW/semester
Faculty & staff, sessional instructors, assistant instructors, researchers and graduate school students (masters and doctoral programs) 50% discount for persons with disabilities
20,000 KRW/semester Students enrolled at the Center for Continuing Education (including Civic College) or Special Graduate School (night)
Business-Related vehicles 30,000 KRW/month
120,000 KRW/semester
Vehicles that belong to the businesses on campus and contractors
Daily Rates General 1,000 KRW/ first 30 minutes
500 KRW/ every additional 30 minutes
Visitors and students
Others Vehicles for public use and school events Free Vehicles for public use, vehicles providing transportation to entrance and graduation ceremonies, officially invited vehicles, emergency vehicles, donations(scholarship)-related business cars, mail service cars and etc.
Discounted Rates and Eligibility Training and Exam (1,000 KRW for a day) Secondary school teachers attending a training program and trainees at the Graduate School of Education and examinees in TOEIC, TOEFL etc.
Discount Ticket
4 Hours : 1,000 KRW
1 Day : 2,000 KRW
Faculty & Staff, sessional instructors, graduate students, students at the Center for Continuing Education, participants of academic meetings and seminars etc.
ReturningVehicles Free Vehicles that enter and exit campus in less than 10 minutes.

Special Occasions

Complete the application form at the parking office at the Main Gate and submit any supporting documents (ex. pamphlet) related to the attended school event in order to receive a discount.

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