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Inha University


Student Life Research Institute (Gender Equality Center)


The Student Life Research Institute was established in 1976 in order to help students enjoy a richer campus life. The center provides a variety of services including counseling and psychological testing. These services support student mental well-being and future student success.

Services offered by the Student Life Research Institute

Individual Counseling

Students can schedule a 50 minute face to face counseling session, once a week, to discuss a range of topics or issues.

Group Counseling

Group counseling sessions are available for a group of 6-15 students. Discussions can range from interpersonal relations to career goals.

Crisis Counseling

When a student faces a crisis (ex. when a student feels suicidal or aggressive), he/she can have counseling immediately - no appointment is required.

Psychological Testing

The center provides a range of tests including the integrated aptitude test, temper test, career aptitude test as well as projective technique tests such as the TAT, BGT, RORSCHACH, DAP, and SCT.

Gender Equality Center

The center was established in September 2008, following legislation pertaining to the prevention and treatment of sexual harassment & violence and gender inequality. In accordance with the Basic Rules of Gender Equality, the center was opened to prevent sexual violence and gender inequality on campus and to protect the rights and interests of victims of sexual assault.

  • Counseling for victims of sexual assault and the investigation of those criminal cases
  • Psychotherapy sessions for victims of sexual assault and sex offender education program
  • Sexual violence awareness and prevention program in accordance with compulsory education at public institutions

Application and Inquiries

To apply, please visit the center or via e-mail. (For group counseling, check the center’s website)


Rm No. 431 (A, B), 4th Floor of the Student Center

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