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Inha University


The Center for International Studies(CIS)


The Center for International Studies (CIS) was established on March 1st, 1985 as an educational and research center of Inha University in the field of international relations.

The primary objectives of the CIS are

  • To enhance the academic excellence and international involvement of Inha University by providing an instructional framework for international research as well as conducting extensive research on current international issues.
  • To offer the Inha academic community opportunities to increase international exposure to current international events.
  • To contribute to regional development by serving as a research and practical link between the regional community and world society through the contribution of research results, overseas training, and other academic-industrial cooperative ventures.

History of the Center for International Studies

  • 1980's
    Established Institute's organization plans and long-term research plans
  • Early 1990's
    By establishing regular seminars and forums, the CIS expanded its academic activities substantially, and its publication has undergone qualitative development.
  • Late 1990's
    Subdivided the overall international relations field regionally and subject-wise and have conducted research. In particular, the CIS strengthened its international forums and cooperation ties to be a part of the globalization and information era.
  • 2000's
    With the start of the new millennium, the CIS has emphasized the specialization and concentration of its research. The Center has recently focused on policy-oriented research regarding the peace building process in the Korean peninsula and alliance relations in Northeast Asia . The staffs are concentrating their efforts to consolidate the reputation of its English-language Journal, Pacific Focus, which was recently listed as one of well-known SSCI(Social Science Citation Index) journals.


  • Director
  • Steering Committee
  • International Research Associates
  • Administration Office
  • Research Team
    • Asia-Pacific Region Research Team
    • Inter-Korean Relations Research Team
    • International Peace Research Team
    • Political Economy Research Team


Emphasizing the importance of reality in research and understanding the pervasive impact of international affairs, the CIS has concentrated its academic and policy research activities to the international relations on the Korean Peninsula and North East Asian region.

Research Activities

  • Since it's establishment in 1985, the CIS has conducted research activities mainly in four major areas.
  • First, the CIS is conducting regional and subject research partially self-run and partially-funded by the Ministry of Education of Korea.
  • Secondly, the CIS exchanges research findings and holds invitational seminars dealing with not only matters on the Korean and North-East Asian affairs but matters in the international arena.
  • Thirdly, the CIS conducts international cooperation through student exchange programs between many universities and research institutes such as George Washington University, Maryland University, Kent University, Vermont University, National University of Mongolia, Russia's Youth University and the Baikal National University, and Japan's Defence Research institute.
  • Fourth, the CIS conducts publication and documentation of the above three research results and activities to concretize the achievements.


  • The CIS has regularly published research results and has been cooperative and open with findings by distributing them to the national and international academic community.
  • Pacific Focus, the Pacific Century, Pacific Dynamics, Trade and Investment in Services and US Commerce Research are some of the center's representative works.
  • The English-language journal, "Pacific Focus", has published it's 42nd issue since it's start in 1986 and has, not only, been recognized as one of the forerunners of Korean Social Science Journals, but has been chosen as a registration by the Korean Research Foundation.
  • “Pacific Focus” is the product of 25 international and national scholars, who are the editors, and is distributed to 750 national universities and 500 overseas research institutes.
  • The “Pacific Focus” is listed on the Social Science Citation Index.

Institute's Long-term Goals

The CIS, more than just an institute at Inha University, is a representative University Auxiliary Institute and now in its second stage thriving as it progresses to becoming a world class research institute.

The Center for International Studies endeavors to become an important specialized research institute based on its research capabilities and its active research in North-East Asian affairs and the peace structure research in North-East Asia.

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